Posted by: everythingchicago | February 28, 2009

Places To Visit When In Chicago

Here is a list of places that we personally recommend visiting when you’re visting Chicago.

Millennium Park – “The Bean”


Photo By 僕はカメラマンである

This landmark is officially named Cloud Gate, but most natives wouldn’t know what you’re referring to if you referred to it by its proper name. The bean is one seamless piece of metal shaped in the form of a bean.

Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain
Photo By Paul ‘Tuna’ Turner

Millennium Park – Crown Fountain

Millennium Park Crown Fountain
Photo By Serge Melki

These twin set of fountains may look weird (since they are 139ft (42m) tall faces spitting water on you), but they are one of our favorite pieces of Chicago public art. It is a unique fountain in the sense that most fountains do not allow you play in them. The Crown fountain however is designed to be played in, and you will find many people doing this in the warmer months.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo
Photo By whattheheckallthenamesa retaken

Where can you find penguins, gorillas, reptiles, monkeys and polar bears in the city? At the Lincoln Park Zoo. Not only is it unique in the sense that it’s a Zoo tucked into the heart of the city, but it’s also free.

Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium's Dolphins
Photo By Go Card USA

You won’t be disappointed by the Shedd Aquarium. It’s one of the world’s largest indoor aquariums, containing more than 2100 species.

John Hancock Center

John Hancock Building
Photo By Michael Gustafson

If you’d like to be able to tell friends you’ve been to the United States’ tallest building, you’re going to need to instead visit Chicago’s Sears Tower. However, if we only had time to visit one of the two, we would choose the John Hancock Center. Being on the north side of the skyscrapers, you are able to see the rest of the buildings that make upthe skyline. It also offers a view of Chicago’s Navy Pier. If you get a chance, we also recommend checking out the upscale bar on the 96th Floor, the Signature Lounge. In fact, many say the best view in the building is in the women’s room of the bar!


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